SBCCI 2003 - 16th Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems Design
SBMicro 2003 - 18th Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices
Blue Tree Tower Morumbi Convention Center - São Paulo - Brazil
Av. Roque Petroni Jr., 1000 - Morumbi

São Paulo, Brazil
September 8-11 , 2003


São Paulo has 2 international airports being Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) the biggest one and probably the one you will arrive at and the other one is Congonhas International Airport (CGH) more used for domestic flights, although you can get flights to some countries in South America like Argentina and Uruguai, even so, Guarulhos is more usual for international flights.

Guarulhos is a borough of São Paulo and the airport is located just 18miles (25Km) far from São Paulo downtown. Congonhas is located just in São Paulo's heart, no more than 3miles (5Km) from Paulista Avenue.

São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport is also known as "Cumbica Airport" since Cumbica is the district of Guraulhos where the airport was constructed. So you may going to hear a lot of people say either "Aeroporto de Cumbica" or "Aeroporto de Guarulhos". They are the same. The airport has two terminals that are situated close enough together for passengers to access them on foot. Exchange, bank and restaurants are available in both terminals.

If you arrive in this airport, certainly the easiest way to reach the BlueTree Towers Hotel is taking a taxi. It will cost about R$90,00 (~US$30.00) and take about 40 minutes.

Shuttle Bus from the airport to the heard of São Paulo and to the Congonhas airport are available by about R$20,00 (~US$ 7.00) leaving every 30 minutes. However, if you take this option you will need to take a taxi to reach the conference hotel. This will reduce the final cost but will consume much more time.

Congonhas International Airport(CGH) is about 15 minutes from the Conference Hotel. The easiest way to go is to take a taxi for about R$40,00 (~US$ 15.00). Exchange, bank and restaurants are available in the airport.

More detailed informations regarding the airports and tourist information about São Paulo can be found at and