SBCCI - Plenaries and Tutorials

André Inácio Reis - Instituto de Informática - UFRGS
TUTORIAL: "What about the IP of your IP?: An introduction to intelectual property law for engineers and scientists"

Calvin Plett - Carleton University

TUTORIAL: Design of Radio Frequency Components for Low-Power Short-Range Communications Systems
INVITED TALK: Low-Power CMOS Transceiver with On-Chip Antenna for Short-Range Radio-Frequency Communicatio

Michel M. Maharbiz - University of California Berkeley
TUTORIAL: A Cyborg Beetle: Wireless Neuronal Flight Control of a Free-flying Insect
INVITED TALK: Building Micro-interfaces to Multicellular Systems: from Cyborg Insects to Synthetic Biology

Mohamad Sawan - École Polytecnique Montréal
TUTORIAL: Emerging CMOS-Based biosensing technologies
INVITED TALK: Multichannel neurorecording from the cortex: integration and packaging challenges