Aims and Scope

This journal will present state-of-art papers on Integrated Circuits and Systems. It is an effort of both Brazilian Microelectronics Society - SBMicro and Brazilian Computer Society - SBC to create a new scientific journal covering Process and Materials, Device and Characterization, Design, Test and CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems.

The Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems is published through Special Issues on subjects to be defined by the Editorial Board. Special issues will publish selected papers from both Brazilian Societies annual conferences, SBCCI - Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems and SBMicro - Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices. Acceptance of papers for publication is subject to a peer review procedure and is conditional on revisions being made given comments from referees.

The topics of interest are
    Processes & Materials
    Devices & Characterization
    Modeling & Simulation
    Analog & Digital Design
    System Design
    Computer Architecture
    High-level Synthesis
    HW & SW Codesign
    Logic & Physical Synthesis
    Technology CAD
    Microelectronics Education