The conferences SBCCI and SBMicro started in the early ’80s. Since 2000, they joined forces, organizing them at the same venue and under an umbrella name “Chip in Somewhere.” The somewhere could be the name of the city or a fantasy name related to the region. It started with “Chip in the Jungle” because it was held in Manaus, the heart of the Amazon forest. This year it will be virtual from the Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. This originates the name Chip in the Minuano. Minuano wind is the cold southwesterly current of air that typically affects the state. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chip in the Minuano 2022 will be Virtual, like the Chip in the Fields last year.

Along these 23 years of Chip in, gradually other conferences joined the common venue and organization. We are composed of five sister conferences: SBCCI, SBMicro, WCAS, INSCIT, and SForum, as described in the respective call for papers. A microelectronic business forum is also held in parallel in one day, and expo booths are offered for commercial suppliers. This all makes the Chip in a very reach environment for scientific and technology discussions and opportunities in Microelectronics in the region.

Keynote Speakers

Massimo Alioto (NUS/Singapore)

Green Technologies for Intelligent and Connected Circuits & Systems Powered by Renewable Energy Sources

Ben Kaczer (IMEC/Belgium)

Reliability of VLSI technologies: impediment and opportunity

Iole Moccagatta (INTEL/USA)

State of Video Codecs: AV1 and VVC algorithms and deployment

Alan Mishchenko (University of California, Berkeley/USA)

Towards Next Generation Logic Synthesis and Verification

Social Event – Gaucho Music Concert
+ live painting with plastic artist Mauro Vila Real

A music concert by César Oliveira & Rogério Mello, a popular Brazilian Gaucho music duo from Rio Grande do Sul state, where the Minuano wind blows, and from where Chip in the Minuano will be streamed.

The plastic artist Mauro Vila Real, gaucho, born in 1975, Academic of History by Faccat, became known for his illustrations and works of art. He has worked for publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics, between 2011 and 2014, on world-renowned titles such as Superman and Wolverine, as well as music album covers, posters, websites, comics, newspapers and books.

The music concert and live painting will be fully virtual on August, 24th at 7:20 pm (UTC-3) at the Minuanoverse.