Welcome to Chip in the Fields

Campinas SP, Brazil
August 23 to 27, 2021

Chip in the Fields

The conferences SBCCI and SBMicro started in the early 80’s and since the year 2000 they jointed forces, organizing them at the same venue and under and umbrella name “Chip in Somewhere”. The somewhere could be the name of the city or a fantasy name related to the region. It started with the name of “Chip in the Rainbow”, because it was held in Manaus, the heart of the Amazon forest. This year it will be hosted in Campinas, a name originated from the word Field, leading to the name Chip in the Field.

Along these 22 years of Chip in, gradually other conferences jointed the common venue and organization. Now we are composed of five sister conferences: SBCCI, SBMicro, WCAS, INSCIT and Sforum, as described in the respective call for papers. A microelectronic business forum is also held in parallel in one day and expo booths are offered for commercial suppliers. This all, makes the Chip in a very reach environment for scientific and technology discussions and for opportunities in Microelectronics in the region.

Beside the scientific, technology and business insights of the event, Campinas has also touristic and historical attractions. Campinas was home of great inventors as Hercule Florence (photography), Roberto Landell de Moura (radio), Santos-Dumont (airplane) and also of the great composer Carlos Gomes. It hosts important academic and R&D centers, as examples for microelectronics we mention UNICAMP, CTI, CPqD, CNPEM (LNNano, LNLS, Sirius), Eldorado, Idea! and many others. There are also many touristic attractions such as Portugal Park, Municipal Market, Old Train Station, the Cathedral, the touristic old train trip Maria Fumaça and a nearby flower expo in Holambra, called Expoflora, that starts at the last day of Chip in the Fields.

More details will be made available in the near future. Please follow our website for future up-dates.

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