Best Papers

SBCCI 2021

Best Paper Award
A 0.6V, 3.3 nW, Adjustable Gaussian Circuit for Tunable Kernel Functions
Vassilis Alimisis, Marios Gourdouparis, Christos Dimas and Paul Sotiriadis
Honorable Mention
MUTECO: A Framework for Collaborative Allocation in CPU-FPGA Multi-tenant Environment
Michael Jordan, Guilherme Korol, Mateus Beck Rutzig and Antonio Carlos Schneider Beck
Honorable Mention
Asymmetric Aging Avoidance EDA Tool
Freddy Gabbay, Avi Mendelson, Basel Salame and Majd Ganaiem  
Honorable Mention
Improving energy efficiency by transparently sharing SIMD Execution Units in Asymmetric Multicores
Caio Vieira and Antonio Carlos Schneider Beck

SBMicro 2021

Best Paper Award
Fully Analytical Compact Model for the I–V Characteristics of Resonant Tunneling Diodes
Daniel Celino, Adelcio de Souza, Caio Plazas, Regiane Pereira and Murilo Romero
Second Best Paper Award
Temperature Influence on the Electrical Properties of Vertically Stacked Nanowire MOSFETs
Jaime Rodrigues, Genaro Mariniello, Mikael Cassé, Sylvain Barraud, Maud Vinet, Olivier Faynot and Marcelo Pavanello
Third Best Paper Award
Influence of the InAs coverage on the performance of submonolayer-quantum-dot infrared photodetectors grown with a (2×4) surface reconstruction.
Ahmad Alzeidan, Tiago Cantalice, Kevin Vallejo, Paul Simmonds and Alain Quivy  

WCAS 2021

Best Academic Paper
Reconfigurable Reject Band Filter using Varactor Diode
Andre Tavora de ALbuquerque Silva, Claudio Ferreira Dias, Eduardo Rodrigues de Lima and Gustavo Fraidenraich
Best Industrial Paper
Compact System-in-Package Design for IoT Sigfox Applications
Felipe Kalinski Ferreira, Maurício Carlotto Ribeiro, Vilson José Petry Júnior, Willyan Hasenkamp Carreira, Arthur Liraneto Torres da Costa and Hamilton Klimach

SForum 2021

Best Paper Award
A 0.4-V 170-uW Fully-Integrated LNA for 2.4-GHz RF Receivers
Giovana Ceolin and Lucas Compassi Severo

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