HeeSoo Lee

Evaluate Electrical Performance in Electrical-Optical-Electrical (E-O-E) Link Systems

Abstract: Data centers transport vast amounts of data using electrical Ethernet connections. However, as throughput demand increases, optical fiber connections will simplify the overall network and provide greater capacity. The ability to co-simulate and co-optimize electrical-optical-electrical (EOE) system parameters is critical to the development of high-performance products. Keysight’s PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) co-simulation capability with VPItransmissionMaker enables system designers to predict the design margin (eye height and width metrics) at the desired system bit error rate (BER). This process minimizes the risk of link performance issues. The solution enables system architects to investigate link performance characteristics with varying fiber lengths, effects of distortion or dispersions, optical drive level, electrical transmitter, and receiver equalization settings, and electrical channel design (trace routing and via design).

HeeSoo LEE is the SerDes/DDR product owner in the EEsof EDA group of Keysight Technologies PSS division, located Santa Rosa California, USA. He has held several different positions in Keysight Technologies, Agilent Technologies, and Hewlett-Packard including consulting business manager, technical marketing lead, and field applications engineer since 1989. Before, he worked for Daeryung Ind. Inc. as a RF/MW circuit design engineer. He has over 30 years of design and simulation experience in the area of RF, microwave, and high-speed digital designs. He graduated with a BSEE degree from the Hankuk Aviation University, South Korea.

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