RF Amplifier Design and Verification using Keysight’s PathWave Design Solutions

Monday, 8/24/2020
13h30-16h00 Brazil Time (9h30-12h00 PDT)

Chair: Eduardo Lima


During this 2.5-hour Short Course, you’ll learn how to use Keysight’s PathWave Design Solutions for the following two topics:

  • RF Board LNA Design Flow – Concept to Implementation
  • Performing EVM and ACPR Simulations for Power Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifier is one of the most critical component in a RF Receiver front-end and the performance of LNA mostly dominates the overall quality of any receiver. During the first portion of the presentation & demonstration, we will start with the LNA fundamentals and then take a deeper dive into a complete concept-to-fabrication design flow for a RF Low Noise Amplifier using Keysight PathWave ADS software. We will cover plenty of tips & tricks to perform a first-pass success oriented RF Board LNA design which is guaranteed to work in the real environment.

When designing Power Amplifiers for communication systems, it is important to meet the ACPR and EVM specifications while delivering a specified output power. This second portion of these presentation & demonstration shows various techniques for running these types of simulations in PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) and the things you need to consider when performing such simulations. We will review how to run simulations with the latest wireless standard signals, trade-offs between simulation speed versus accuracy, the newest EVM simulation capabilities in ADS, and using Compact Test Signals to speed up simulations in ADS.


Anurag Bhargava

Anurag Bhargava, Customer Success Manager at Keysight Technologies, is based in San Diego, CA. He has overall 22+ years of RF Industry experience. This includes his role as a Scientist at Space Applications Center, ISRO, India for 6+ years and hands-on design experience that includes active/passive circuit & System design for Satellite payloads & Radar systems. Anurag has 16+ years of experience in the Applications Engineering domain at Agilent/Keysight. He is also author of ADS Circuit Design Cookbook (now ADS example book) and manages his YouTube channel outside work hours to help new & experienced engineers to pick up and sharpen their RF design skills.

Andy Howard

Andy Howard, Senior Applications Engineer, has been with Keysight since 1985. He graduated from U.C. Berkeley, B.S. E.E., 1983, and M.S. E.E., 1985. He was a visiting researcher for one year in Japan while a graduate student, and is fluent in Japanese. He has published more than 20 magazine articles, HP or Agilent seminar papers, and application notes. He has created hundreds of ADS examples, and is currently focused primarily on various power amplifier simulations (load pull, envelope tracking, optimizations, etc.) He has also worked on several switched-mode power supply simulations.

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