TI transfers leakage current management to 65-nm node


LONDON â€” Texas Instruments Inc. claimed Monday (Sept. 19) it had solved the problem of excessive leakage current at the 65-nanometer manufacturing process node with the transfer of its SmartReflex power and performance management technologies from the 90-nm process node to the 65-nm node.

TI first introduced technology elements of SmartReflex technologies at the 90-nm process node and deployed in its OMAP 2 applications processors, of which it has shipped more than 100 million units, TI said.

The SmartReflex technologies are a combination of adaptive devices, circuit design and software designed to solve power and performance management challenges at smaller process nodes, TI said. This is instead of or in addition to specifically attacking gate leakage current through the use of high-k gate insulator materials, a quest that has been pursued by the industry for many years.

SmartReflex controls voltage, frequency and power dynamically based on device activity, modes of operation and process and temperature variation. This saves additional power without compromising end performance, TI said.

The introduction would be relevant to mobile equipment where it could help OEMs offer portable equipment with long battery life and less heat dissipation.

“TI's SmartReflex technologies are the bridge to addressing critical process issues head on — taking leaps to reduce leakage power, boost performance and manage heat dissipation while enabling more features on mobile devices,“ said Bill Krenik, TI's wireless advanced architecture manager for the Wireless Terminals Business Unit, in a statement.

Link: http://www.eetimes.com/news/semi/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=170704443

Fonte: EE Times, 09/09/2005.



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