I International Workshop on Applied Biosensing

I International Workshop on Applied Biosensing (WBIO 2024) will provide an excellent international forum for aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on Biosensing platforms from all sort of technologies focusing on advancements, recent systems and techniques in the broad field of Biosensing.
The event will take place at UDESC’s auditorium in Joinville (Brazil), from June 3 to 6, 2024. June 5th will be devoted to IEEE Women in Sensors (WiSe). In this day, all lectures, mini-courses and oral presentations will be given by women who work in the field of biosensors.

Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews are invited for publication in all areas of biosensing involving Electrical, Biomedical and Electronics Engineering, Medical Physics, Computing Science, and related applications related to chemistry, environment, food quality, biology and medical diagnosis.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the workshop by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following areas, but are not limited to:
Bioelectronic Devices
Bioimpedance Technique
Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
Biomedical Instrumentation
Biophotonic Sensors
Digital Signal Processing
Environmental Biosensors
Implantable Biosensors
Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) Technologies
Medical and Biological Applications
Microfluidic Devices
Nanotechnology in Biosensors
Optimization Techniques
Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Sensing Spectroscopy
Sensor Technology & Virtual Instrumentation
Wireless and Wearable Biosensors

Submission Deadline: April 01, 2024

Selected full papers from WBIO 2024, after further revisions, will be invited to published in the following journals:

Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance (JOEB)
Research on Biomedical Engineering
IEEE Sensors Journal

More information: https://wbio.tec.br/

Prof. Dr. Pedro Bertemes Filho (UDESC)
WBIO Conference Chair

Dr. Aleksander Sade Paterno (UDESC)
WBIO Conference Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. Mariana Amorim Fraga (MACKENZIE)
Organizing IEEE WiSe Day



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