Instructions for Paper Presentations


(1) Please verify your paper data in the program - title, authors, affiliation. If you find any
error do not hesitate to contact the program chair of your conference.

(2) up to July 27th – make an Author registration
    You should pay one inscription fee (value available at registration tab) and one Publication paper fee (R$ 265.00) for papers presented at SBCCI, SBMicro and INSCIT. WCAS and SForum papers are exempt of publication fee.
   After receiving by-email the registration confirmation message, please send it to , with the papers'ID. One registration (inscription fee) covers all papers of the same Author. One publication fee can cover up to three papers of the same author.

(3) up to August 12th –  paper presentation (high-quality video, in English), with 15 to 17 minutes for SBCCI, SBMicro, INSCIT and WCAS and up to 12 minutes for SForum.

  1. I) Record your presentation.

These are the recommended specifications:

  • Use your camera! Be part of your presentation.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Full HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • 30 fps frame rate.

Combining your camera output with your slide presentation is made possible by several open-source tools, with varying features and learning curves. Among those, we recommend OBS Studio (

If you feel the need, you may edit your video using any non-linear video editor out there. Open-source alternatives include kdenlive ( and ShotCut (


  1. II) Upload your video to YouTube.

You will need a valid Google Account.

  1. a) Go to and log in to your Google account if you haven’t done so.
  2. b) If there isn’t a YouTube Channel associated with this account, YouTube will ask you to create one.
  3. c) Click on Create / Upload videos.
  4. d) Select the movie file on your computer.
  5. e) Once the file is being processed, a four-step video setup will take place. In the first screen, entitled “Details”,  you may recover the direct link to your video, e.g.
  6. f) Still in “Details”, in the ‘Audience’ section, choose “No, it's not made for kids”.
  7. g) Hit the “Next” button to move past the “Video elements” and “Checks” screens, going directly to “Visibility” options.
  8. h) In the “Visibility” screen, choose “Unlisted” and then hit the “Save button”. 
  9. i) Your upload will be finished and your video will be ready.


    III) Send your YouTube video link to the organization

Send your video link (in the format to, specifying the paper by its conference acronym, session and paper number (e.g 2.2, the second paper of the second session). Do not attach the video file; send only the link provided by YouTube.

     Although virtual, “Chip in the Fields” will follow the traditional format of any event: presentation (pre-recorded), and after that, up to 5 minutes of Q&A (Question & Answer) session. Authors should be available in the "room" opened by the session chair to answer to these questions.