SForum 2006 Call for Papers:

The VI Forum of Microeletronics Students is an event promoted by the Brazilian Society for Microeletronics (SBMicro) and by the Brazilian Society for Computer Science (SBCCI).

The authors are invited to submit TWO-page articles, in English, in double-column format as in the template Sforum.doc.

The areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Presentation format:

Either oral or poster depending on the space and time avaliable to the event and number of accepted articles. Emphasis will be given to accommodate as many oral presentations as possible.

August 28th - September 1st
Ouro Preto - MG - Brazil
Contact us:


Local Organizing Committee:

Antônio Otávio Fernandes,
DCC/UFMG otavio@dcc.ufmg.br

Carlos Frederico M. da Cunha Cavalcanti,
DCOM/UFOP cfmcc@iceb.ufop.br

Claudionor J. N. Coelho Jr.,
DCC/UFMG coelho@dcc.ufmg.br

Davies William de Lima Monteiro,
DEE/UFMG davies@ufmg.br

Diógenes C. da Silva Jr.,
DEE/UFMG diogenes@cpdee.ufmg.br

Fernando Cortez Sica,
DCOM/UFOP sica@iceb.ufop.br

Julio Cezar David de Melo,
DELT/UFMG julio@cpdee.ufmg.br

Linnyer Beatryz Ruiz,
DEE/UFMG linnyer@dcc.ufmg.br

Ricardo de Oliveira Duarte,
DCOM/UFOP rduarte@iceb.ufop.br

Wagner N. Rodrigues,
DF/UFMG wagner@fisica.ufmg.br